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shopping for xmas sweatersIt’s hard for us to say right now – you may stop by here every Christmas for your questionable Christmas Jumpers requirement, or this could well be your first time to The Christmas Jumpers Co.  Either way, you’re currently in the very best possible place to browse and purchase your beautiful, or your down-right awful Christmas Jumper for this year.

Every year, a bit like how Santa does things, we’re busy in our workshop buying, importing and making the UK’s most diverse range of Christmas Jumpers, just in time for the mad Christmas rush. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without one really.

You can expect a great range of Women’s knitwear, some great jumpers for the kids, some loud and some shocking Christmas jumpers for Men, Christmas gifts and much more.

We also aim to be the most competitively priced Christmas jumper retailer on-line. So, if you’re looking for a great range of styles of Christmas jumpers for 2014, you’re in the right place.  Thanks for visiting and we hope to see your photographs and videos of your Christmas Day in our jumpers on our social pages.

Why order your Christmas jumpers with us?

The Christmas Jumpers Co has built a successful business based on impeccable customer service and high quality jumpers.  So far this year we have shipped our Xmas jumpers all over the world including Switzerland, Malta and beyond.  We have a great reputation globally for quality and service.  We have an outstanding reputation both locally and now nationally for quality Christmas jumpers and clothing, and for outstanding customer service as a clothing retailer.

We offer a very personal service and provide the best possible advice on which Christmas jumper and clothing is right for you and your family.  We never compromise on quality and we promise to stock as much choice as we can so that you can be sure that we’ll have the right Christmas clothing to suit your taste and your price range.

We are The Christmas Jumpers Co.  Christmas is what we do!

It’s official, our 2014 range of novelty jumpers is now online and we’re happy to say that the response has been outstanding.  From our amazing penguin jumpers through to our fairisle patterned retro Christmas sweaters, we’re sure to have a design to meet with your individual taste.

How does your Christmas Jumper purchase help others?

support christmas jumpers this yearThis year we are proudly working with the International Children’s Ostomy Education Foundation (ICEOF). The ICOEF is a recognised, leading charity which raises money for the development of puppets for kids with an ostomy. These awesome puppets are provided free to children worldwide and provide companionship during difficult times (not just at Christmas).

Jumpers for Christmas Ltd will be donating to this fantastic charity to help with the manufacture of more amazing puppets for children around the globe.

A guide to buying your ugly Christmas Jumper
Lynne from BizSpace loving her Christmas Jumper

Lynne from BizSpace loving her Christmas Jumper

Playing secret Santa, spending quality time with family members and drinking mulled wine by the fire, all set up the mood for the festive season. The same case applies to wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and then turning up for an ugly Christmas jumper party. In recent times, ugly Christmas jumpers have become widely accepted by the public. They are no longer a creation of grandmothers who are craft-store obsessed, passed to younger family members only to end up in a jumble sale. They have instead become a cultural meme that even celebrities are willing to wear during such parties. A market has even emerged around this festive season phenomenon to capitalise on the sweaters popularity.

Due to their increased popularity, the jumpers are quite difficult to get – particularly in charity shops, where typically it is easier to buy the best ones. Perhaps a reason for this is that not many people would want to buy a full-priced sweater that they will wear only once per year. One option involves shopping at the dedicated ugly Christmas sweater belonging to eBay, where shoppers may find themselves bidding on a second-hand gaudy pullover. The other option is to knit a pullover from scratch. This DIY project is quite time consuming and was popular in the yesteryear’s when last minute online shopping was not an option.

People all over the world have been spreading the holiday spirit by wearing jumpers adorned with reindeer, Christmas trees and snowflake imprints for decades. While their popularity have reached peak heights during the 1980s and 1990s, a touch of graphic flamboyance was vital to a real holiday pullover even back in 1940s and 1950s. With so many vintage holiday pullover knitting patterns to choose from, and an invitation to an ugly Christmas sweater party, many can consider knitting one of these jumpers.

For those wishing to knit their own, it is important to consider the right type of vest or sweater to get started with. When it is worn, it should fit a little loose. A reason for this is that once ornaments have been super glued or hot glued on, it is likely to fit even tighter. This is of more importance when one is adding anything to be glued around the jumpers perimeter, such as a light knit. Once hot glue has been used to create a funny pullover, it definitely cannot be washed using a machine. This is not much of an issue given that these outfits are usually worn only once or twice per year, meaning that spot washing and line drying would work just fine.

In order to create an ugly holiday sweater, there are several things one should have, such as a working space, adhesive such as super glue or hot glue, and a pair of scissors. Other requirements include a lint roller to roll away excessive glue, ornaments to apply to the pullover, a light kit, a vest or sweater to act as canvas, and extra fabric.

Should someone become somewhat more motivated and buy some DIY items for his or her sweater, then they will be able to choose a motif or theme very easily. A good thing about a person making their own Christmas pullover is that it is actually hard to get it wrong. Since they are supposed to ugly, it is not a hard thing to achieve. If the person has a limited budget and only a single selection of ornaments from which to choose, they will have to do the best with what is available. Hot or super glue will keep them all in place.

It is possible to make virtually any stocking a beverage holder, just as is the case with an inverted Santa hat. One may or may not have to glue in along the side, depending on the stocking tops width. This is what could be called as a cheesy holiday sweater. A really nice touch to a pullover can be added by stockings, and can consume a sizable portion of unused space in a single application.

One can also include a cut out quilt block that covers the whole front of the pullover. If an appropriate quilt block cannot be found, or someone does not want to ruin a tacky Christmas quilt, he or she can just head to the nearest fabric store. Most of these stores have a wide variety of funny Christmas quilting fabric during the festive season.

Judging from the number of visitors who log in to holiday pullover websites, many people are trying to learn how to make them by themselves. For those who wish to try, all it takes is a little creativity, some money and time. The good news is that if someone has some old Christmas decorations that remained from the previous year, he or she can skip the money part. With them, all that is needed next is a sweater and a glue gun.

This is where the creativity is applied. One may look at the collection of decorations laid on the coffee table and wonder where to start. For those looking for something ugly, they should think contrast. The more noise the noise the sweater makes, the uglier it will look. If they wish to make the pullover tackier, they can consider something that looks more authentic, or something that was once stylish and is now in demand. To make such holiday jumpers, one will have to think outside the box a little and begin incorporating things such as a reindeer running across LED lit trees surrounded by glistening stars.

Any person can make a holiday pullover then spin it in any way they wish. Visiting the nearest general store that stocks funny seasonal goods will provide someone with the required decorations.

Most people will definitely be attending an ugly Christmas sweater bash the coming festive season. Those who have not heard of this type of party are just unlucky and may be missing out quite some real fun. Such parties do exist, and wearing ugly Christmas jumpers is the dress code.

What’s The Novelty About Christmas Jumpers?

Christmas is all about celebrating with those who are nearest and dearest to us. It’s a time for rejoicing and spending time with friends and family, enjoying food and letting go. What’s more you can do this and feel guilt-free for the first time all year.

One thing that Christmas is not renowned for however is its style. Traditional Christmas wear includes jumpers bearing Christmas trees, reindeer and snowmen as these form the basis of festive fashion designs. In years gone by these designs were deemed to be tasteless, often received as a novelty Christmas gift from your grandmother and passed on to a charity shop or an unsuspecting stranger to spare your blushes about actually wearing it out in public.

Nowadays however the novelty Christmas jumper has been made cool again thanks to its endorsement by celebrities such as Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby, Myleene Klass and Mark Wright from TOWIE fame to name just a few.

The attraction of Christmas jumpers has rose up the barometer of ‘cool’ both in terms of style and in keeping us warm, enabling us to loosen up and have a laugh at ourselves. And what’s not to like about Christmas jumpers?!

Whether you’re thinking of getting one for yourself or getting one to put a smile on a friend’s face, novelty Christmas jumpers have never been more in vogue. What’s more, people are starting to buy them all year round, proving that they have risen from being a dreaded Christmas gift, to now having achieved cult status in the mainstream world.

As there is such an abundance of designs to choose from, there is something to suit the whole family. From cute snowman designs for your girlfriend to macho Nordic style reindeer’s for your best drinking buddy, Christmas comes early when you have a look at the various range of novelty Christmas jumpers on offer at Christmas

The History of Novelty Jumpers

Believe it or not, the Christmas jumper is nothing new and predates the 1980s, having been popular in the USA for the past several decades. But it is only since the 80s that the jumpers have gained infamy. Most notably, Bill Cosby is thought to have pioneered this trend, making the Christmas jumper memorable in his sitcom.

What has always divided opinion about this fashion item is that they usually consist of clashing colours and patterns that don’t mix well together. But during the 80s thanks to Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase who appeared in ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’, the Christmas jumper soared in popularity, right up until the early 90s. However, for many years during this decade it was viewed as the ultimate fashion crime to be caught in one. But like all fashions, times change.

The popularity of Christmas jumpers has been on the increase since 2001, most notably when the film Bridget Jones came out. In one memorable scene, Colin Firth is seen wearing one to an awkward family Christmas party. Without knowing it, he made the Christmas jumper fashionable again and their sales have risen ever since.

What gives Christmas jumpers their novelty value is that they aren’t to be taken too seriously. But in the decade that’s followed, the Christmas jumper has been reworked and restyled by the hipster fashion crowd who have reclaimed something so completely uncool by the mainstream and made it their own. The charity shops and vintage stores are reaping the benefits of this trend and like everything in fashion culture, it has once more filtered through to the high street.

Novelty Christmas jumpers are now in high demand again by fashion retailers and brands such as H&M and even Nordstrom are getting in on the action. The fashion runway is on fire with the hottest and arguably the most tasteful Christmas related designs. Fair Isle knits are especially popular as they feature bold graphics and tribal prints.

As the Christmas jumper becomes more prominent, it has been reflected in popular culture. Shows such as ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ hosted by Jimmy Fallon and teen parody sketches of MTV teen documentary series called ‘True Life: I Love Ugly Christmas Sweaters’ show how far they have come.

What’s more, novelty Christmas jumpers have been accepted by everybody. By choosing to wear one you’re showing the world that you’re a bold and quirky individual, someone who isn’t afraid to have a laugh at yourself and more importantly, it pleases parents and grandparents that their younger relatives are going out in something warm and stylish for a change. This is why Christmas jumpers have such a cross generational appeal.

If you want a Christmas jumper that will keep you warm this winter and also put a smile on your face, Christmas have something to suit you.

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